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Storytelling is my passion






I believe in the power of stories. I believe that stories can help people learn, feel, grow, and empathize with each other. I believe the integration of stories into financial empowerment discussions is an incredible way to drive long term learning for the next generation.


Here are some of my most popular talks that I’ve done for corporate clients, non-profit organizations, schools, civic organizations, and media companies.


My past talks have been live, however, all of these talks can be conducted virtually via a video conference line. 

For Corporate Clients

  • Bitcoin, Human Rights & Social Justice

  • Bitcoin Mining's Impact In Africa

  • Bitcoin & The Global South

  • The Future of Finance & Money

  • Breaking Gender Bias in Crypto

  • Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Basics For Beginners

For Students

Sade's Satoshis Workshop In this class we introduce children to the global impact of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency through my storybook of Sade's Satoshis. In addition, we introduce children to important economic concepts like central banking, inflation, and fiat currency. We also explore the history of money and how Bitcoin can solve money's most challenging problems.



I also act as a spokesperson and represent brands that matter to me. I am happy to share my perspective on the following topics:


  • Financial Health/Wellness

  • Financial Inclusion

  • Financial Empowerment

  • Women in Engineering/Technology 


Organizations I've Worked With

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