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The Bitcoin Leap goes beyond mere investment discussions, shining a light on Bitcoin's role as a robust protocol and a censorship-resistant, inclusive monetary network. Uncover how Bitcoin is transforming economies, empowering individuals, and fostering inclusive prosperity in Africa. This book dismantles damaging narratives surrounding Bitcoin's energy use, legitimacy, and impact on marginalized communities, offering a fresh perspective that highlights its positive potential.

With this book, you'll discover the driving force behind Bitcoin's technological innovation and progress—African entrepreneurs.

Drawing upon encounters with African Bitcoin entrepreneurs, an exploration of the Bitcoin narrative through an African lens, and discussions about my personal and professional leaps, this book equips readers with invaluable tools to navigate risk, embrace ambiguity, and confidently embark on a journey into the digital innovation future.

After reading this book I hope you:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by disempowered communities worldwide, including the impact of historical financial injustices. 

  • Ignite your passion for Bitcoin's positive impact on global communities

  • Build the conviction to invest in Bitcoin and contribute to the Bitcoin movement 

  • Harness your inner innovator to follow your dreams.

  • Explore the synergies between members of the Old and New African Diaspora

The Bitcoin Leap is not just a book; it's a tool that can empower you to create your personal innovation strategy to make a difference in your organization, community, and country. The framework will allow you to take stock of your time, talents, and treasures and work toward greater alignment between your values and your line of work. With tactical insights and the LEAP framework, you'll learn to manage risk, embrace ambiguity, and make transformative leaps towards a right-sized innovation strategy for yourself. 

This book is a must-read for global citizens, activists, development professionals, and principle-led professionals who are eager to learn about a movement that is changing the world. It's also perfect for anyone seeking a crash course in digital innovation up-skilling and future-proofing their skillset—and mindset—for the technology-first future.

Join me on this compelling journey and be inspired to take the leap into a future where Bitcoin reshapes economies, empowers individuals, and builds a better tomorrow for us all.

Introducing The Bitcoin Leap: How Bitcoin Is Transforming Africa.

Are you ready to discover the true potential of Bitcoin and witness its transformative power in Africa? In this captivating book,  we take you on an Africa-first journey through the world of Bitcoin, challenging misconceptions, and revealing the untapped opportunities that lie ahead.

I'm Charlene Fadirepo, author of The Bitcoin Leap: How Bitcoin Is Transforming Africa. I am a banker, a former U.S. Federal regulator, and a Bitcoin activist with fifteen years of experience in the traditional finance world.  I have been featured in Time MagazineForbes, Yahoo FinanceCNN, Coindesk, BBCWorldService, and the 2023 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Searching for Satoshi documentary. I was also named one of 5 Women to Watch in Crypto in 2022 by Next Advisor. Over the past two years, I have spoken about the impact of Bitcoin in fifteen states and five countries around the world. 

I wrote this book to demystify Bitcoin for the Bitcoin-curious investor. I firmly believe that by understanding Bitcoin's transformative power in Africa, you'll unlock a whole new level of insight into its global significance for the world. I believe most investors have just scratched the surface of understanding Bitcoin’s impact on the world. Bitcoin is simply the better choice of money. Bitcoin is a fair, equitable, and inclusive financial system for humanity. 

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